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BoxLogix Automation develops and delivers custom material handling solutions utilizing cutting edge technology, realistic capabilities, and high quality equipment that will support your operational needs and meet industry best practices. We utilize existing technology and industry proven equipment in order to ensure that we always meet your current and future demands. We don't represent just one type of material handling or automation equipment or manufacturer, nor do we manufacture any of our own equipment.  This allows us to fully engage with you as a true partner and customize our solution to fit your budgetary and operational needs.
We bring a very unique and valuable perspective to the table when we sit down with our customers. Our Principals have over 26 years of high volume operational experience within the Direct to Consumer (E-Commerce & Catalog), Retail Distribution and Fulfillment industries. They have been fully responsible for material handling automation and key operational decisions, including building new distribution centers and retrofitting existing sites for a Fortune 500 company.  This insight provides BoxLogix and our customers a tremendous advantage over solutions offered from other material handling providers.  In addition, our insight and cooperative interaction with our customers during the design phase of the project will ultimately translate in to a well-tailored solution for any future projects. We not only fully understand the operational perspectives of our customer’s projects, but also appreciate the value of our customer’s return and value of the invested capital. 
We support all levels of operations and complexities because of our first hand operational experience. We employ practical realistic approaches and execute the solution to support your operational needs. Our goal is to completely understand and appreciate the value of our client's return on invested capital and strive for highly efficient cost effective solutions to meet the many challenges in today's market.
BoxLogix’s material handling equipment and automated consulting services include engineering and design of conveyor systems, fully automated packaging and shipping systems, various types and levels of picking solutions, and warehouse controls systems that will allow upgrades and support of your current systems. We will work with you and your team to customize your solution, planning to alleviate any downtime in operations, improve your productivity and efficiencies, and develop a realistic solution to reduce your overall operational costs well into the future.
Our engineers work directly to not only oversee the implementation of the new facility layout and project but to also make certain that our installs are seamlessly completed and on-time for all equipment and automation solutions provided by our vendors. This in turn offers our clients a very cost effective solution at a lower risk than having to combine multiple firms to develop the same solution. We truly partner with our customers from start to finish on all of our projects. 

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